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The Firm of Bas Solicitors

The London Family Mediation Bureau (Bas Solicitors) was founded as an independent charity in 1979 and is internationally regarded for its pioneering work in creating family mediation practise.

It is now firmly established as a centre of excellence for family mediation in the United Kingdom, with a focus on London.

The quality and consistency of our mediation work distinguishes us. Our family mediators are all FMCA-accredited. https://fixedpricedivorceservice.co.uk/

The Bas Solicitors has established itself as one of the country’s leading providers of family mediation and, in particular, child concerns mediation. Its mediators include family mediation specialists whose vast practise experience and writings on the subject have contributed considerably to the development of family mediation in this country, and in particular to the Bureau’s long and successful history of mediating child-related issues.

The Bureau’s unique emphasis on children’s needs, interests, and perspectives includes the provision of child consultation, which allows children to be consulted by a mediator in suitable circumstances.

The Bas Solicitors also provides mediation services to separated or separating spouses regarding property and financial concerns. Many of its customers have used the Bureau’s services to successfully arbitrate agreements in what is known as “all issues mediation” – that is, in respect to both their children’s future care arrangements and their property and income.

The mediators at Bas Solicitors come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including family attorneys (including barristers and solicitors), academics, child counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and family therapists. The Family Mediation Council has accredited all of them as family mediators.